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biocides intorduction
Biocide introduction Biocides are used to prevent the coolant being affected by, or even becoming unstable because of, germs, f

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Kathon widely used, is the first choice for various industries
Kathon is also known as: Kaiser, isothiazolinone. Kathon can be called the first preservative, mainly for the followin

2020-07-14    + Continue reading<<

Anti-dumping rumors of methionine emerge
Recently, the efficiency of poultry farming has been sluggish, the market has not been well sold, and traders have shipped at a lo

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Vitamin price update July
8th July Vitamin price update Product name FOB USD price status VE 9.48

2020-07-08    + Continue reading<<

carbomer price rising
Carbomer Carbomer is a polyacrylic acid cross-linked polymer, which is mainly used to thicken daily chemical products, which can

2020-07-01    + Continue reading<<

Lysine stabilized in China on May 20
According to different quantities of different brands, some dealers offer 98 content of about CNY7.5-7.7 /kg, 70 content of a

2020-05-21    + Continue reading<<

Vitamin price update
20th May Vitamin price update Product name FOB CHINA PRICE USD price status VE 9.61 rising up

2020-05-20    + Continue reading<<

vitamin A, vitamin E and Q10 sales increased in 2020
Zhejiang NHU ’s previously announced first-quarter results forecast for 2020 shows that the company expects to real

2020-04-23    + Continue reading<<

Vitamin C supply tight in USA
Vitamin C supply tight in USA: According to the "New York Post" report recently, the largest hospital system in New Yo

2020-04-21    + Continue reading<<

Lysine supply rise in April, Valine price will rise
Lysine: Due to the recent resumption of production and the release of increased production capacity, the supply of 70% lys

2020-03-25    + Continue reading<<