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Vitamin C supply tight in USA

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Vitamin C supply tight in USA:

 According to the "New York Post" report recently, the largest hospital system in New York State is allowing severe new coronary pneumonia patients to receive high-dose vitamin C treatment. Pulmonologist and intensive care specialist Dr. Andrew Weber said that his new coronary pneumonia patients will receive 1500 mg of vitamin C intravenously immediately. Then use the same amount of powerful antioxidants three to four times a day. This move made VC hard to find in the US market. 

The recent price increases of VA, VE, VB1, biotin, VK3 and other vitamin varieties are mainly due to the shortage of supply and demand caused by the global epidemic environment. From the demand side, vitamin feed is one of the necessary consumer products in the aquaculture industry. The demand for feed is rigid and will not be delayed or delayed due to the outbreak of the epidemic. .

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